Active Neurotherapy™ Program Professor Dr. Dr. Giselher Schalow

It is Active Neurotherapy  

It is a method of rehabilitation where we train the central nervous system (CNS) to re-learn functions that have been lost due to lesions or diseases; or to learn/ teach functions in developmental diseases. Our method is based on over 20 years of research in human neurophysiology done by the German scientist Giselher Schalow. Professor Dr. Dr. Schalow has measured in the human CNS that neurons fire relatively coordinated with respect to time and space. This relative phase and frequency coordination is partly lost following a CNS lesion and can partly be re-established by re-learning phase and frequency coordination by exercising movements that are coordinated up to a few milliseconds. In this method we apply the very latest scientific knowledge about the functioning, learning strategies and repair mechanisms of the human central nervous system.

  • Neurons (nerv cells) function in neuronal networks. Each neuron is on average connected to 4000 other neurons.
  • After an injury (caused by trauma or disease) neuronal networks can be taught to re-learn functions that have been lost, new areas of the brain can be activated (reprogrammed) to perform the necessary functions.
  • New neurons can be built from stem cells also in the adult central nervous system. This can be achieved when the CNS is forced to it´s limits with an appropriate neurotherapy method.

The formation of new neurons is only part of the task. The newly formed neurons also have to be connected with existing neurons to function in the right way, otherwise they will stay in a passive state and ultimately die. This happens also to implanted tissues in stem cell therapies if the post op. physiotherapy is inefficient. This is why we train so efficiently/intensively that we could induce the formation of new neurons and that the new neurons could learn to function in the correct way i.e. to be functionally connected with existing neurons.

That is why we train at least for 4 hours per day 5 times a week. This has to be done for a period of at least 12 weeks to achieve results. The more severely the CNS is injured, the more time it takes to rehabilitate.

This method is mainly a movement therapy. In this method we do not administer any drugs nor toxins, we improve the functioning of the CNS in a natural way, all repair mechanisms are present in the human body. Also the autonomic nervous system benefits from this therapy.

To keep the efficiency of our rehabilitation high we train in small groups. Every exercise you do is for the benefit of your CNS. Each patient has an own therapist who is there almost all the time for you, giving support and encouraging you to do your very best. Our experienced therapyteam has treated patients with this method for over six years.

Many of our patients say that this is the kind of therapy they wished that they would have got right from the beginning.

In order to make Coordination Dynamics Therapy/Active Neurotherapy available to as many patients as possible WE ARE SEEKING PARTNERS IN CO-OPERATION. Having many years of experience and with information received from our patients we have reached the conclusion that most patients wish that they could get Active Neurotherapy in their own home countries. This is why we have started on projects and are also looking for new partners so that we can teach them to treat their patients with this efficient therapymethod.



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